Approximate Man


    These images are screen shots of a video conference.
    From the camera to my computer, the network is saturated, the received images lack information.
    Human portraits in screen format. The web camera records images without focusing, without taking into account space and perspective. This affords a malleable result, unexpected, closer to a drawing, a painting, to living matter.

    Working the photographic material.
    Instant capture of a human imprint.
    “I think man now understands that he is an accident, that his existence is futile and should play an inane game. “Francis Bacon
    Interference destroys my portraits accidentally and violently. In the same extreme way that Francis Bacon destroys human figures. Interference materialises, sometimes exploding the human anatomy, diluting skin and creating new forms. A new image is born, an accidental image, an independent image.
    A blend of colors, tasks and pixels express the accident, the absence, neglect, death, the Approximate Man.
    “My paintings are accidents” Francis Bacon.