Story Of The Eye


    « Story of the Eye » is a photographic adaptation from Georges Bataille’s novel which was first published clandestinely in France in 1928. Each photograph is named after and refers to a chapter of the book.
    Having a love of surrealist literature, the world portrayed in the novel fascinates me. I am equally inspired by the atrociously seductive scenes, raw, unconventional and fanatical; as I am by the book’s surreal eroticism. The resulting mix is a sacrilege of society’s moral code, and can not exist without the idea of good (moral) and evil (immoral and degenerate).
    The photographs are an expression of the complex surreality of some of the book’s most poignant sexual fantasies. The unusual postures and scenes suggests pain, ecstasy, defecation, and even death, but all represent sexual scenarios portrayed in the novel.
    While taking inspiration from the book determining the content of the photos, each composition is a careful balance of traditional elements and new technics. I reference the traditional still life, but also crop the image in non-traditional forms referencing the content of that particular image.
    This work is a tribute to writing because it is fundamental as an artform. Written language allows us to organize our thoughts, yet it also allows us to deploy our imagination; It can ignite our senses, emotions, and most importantly our passions.