If Stasi would have met Jack Torrance


    This video installation was conceived for an exhibition held in the former Stasi complex in a zone that was at the time sequestered and under continual surveillance. A place where the state interrogated and imprisoned its enemies where agents orchestrated phone taps and used machines made to open and reseal mail of the citizens of the GDR undetected. Over 90,000 letters were put under such scrutiny every day.

    The video installation is comprised of a surveillance screen showing 4 hallways one of which is the entryway to the exhibition space. After having passed under the surveillance camera placed in the entryway, the screen broadcasting the images captured by the surveillance cameras invites the spectator to contemplate these images: in essence to spy on oneself and others and point out those acts which do not fall into the category of « normal behavior » in an installation that reveals itself to be a representation of the spy caught in the act of spying.

    Paying closer attention one begins to absolve certain unanticipated scenes. A red compass at the center of the screen points excitedly towards the appearance of unconventional and suspect behavior. In essence, the characters from The Shining are invited to the exhibition by the ghosts of the Stasi.

    This video installation mixes live images with prerecorded footage from the surveillance camera. This is an interactive installation that creates a parallel universe of a horror film, in this case The Shining, in the ghostly haunted Stasi headquarters.