Passage to Infinity


    At first, there is an astonishment within myself, about being a part of the world, about existing. This amazement comes from the fact that there is something rather than nothing. How to seize the difference between the life – consequence of biological strengths – and the action of living – a matter of cognition?

    “Passage to infinity” is a title inspired from “Art of dreaming” by Carlos Castañeda, it describes how to perceive other worlds and travel. During the trip, the dream and imagination appear. We are rediscovering the essence of things in its various aspects, our soul merges with the matter, the spirit is released and infinite.

    These photographs are inspired by painting and mythology. Erase time and talk about the eternal, the universal, the human: as Daniel Arasse said in “Anachroniques” about the pictures “Morgue” from Andre Serrano “as these paintings whom, in the folds and draped, express the movements of the soul”.

    Pictures of the bodies taken up close and inordinately enlarged, appear to us metamorphosised into a strange sight.