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Born in 1985 in Paris, France, Marjorie Brunet Plaza has both French and Venezuelan roots. Growing up between Europe and South America, she has an inherent passion for travel and languages. She received a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Beaux Arts d’Aix-en-Provence, France in 2009.

Shortly after, she was selected to exhibit her work at the BJCEM at Skopje, Macedonia as well as taking on the position of photographer assistant at the Lyric Arts Festival d’Aix-en-Provence.

Today she lives and works in Berlin as a professional Photographer and Videographer specializing in art documentation, portraiture, short films and documentaries.


Commercial photography

I offer photographic expertise from my photo studio, providing clients high quality images. Types of images can range from business portraits tailored to your needs (job applications, corporate and freelancer profiles), to personal and family photography of all sorts (beauty, pregnancy, child and infant portraiture, events and even erotic).

I also work on-site for professionals requiring high definition images for press release, branding or catalogues, from art reproduction and packshot to professional photo documentation (art shows, events, seminars, etc.).

As a photographer passionate about creating unique and memorable photographs, I personalize every photo session and provide support and advice - before, during, and after the photo shooting.

fine art

Art photography

My artistic work experiments with different natural interfaces and electronic parameters involved in the photographic process, which then influence the final image. I work with water, sleep, computer glitches, architecture so that these elements can act as an essential matter - as a revealer, rather than as a subject. It is through these "interface elements" that I stage and create parallel worlds inspired by surrealist literature and classical painting.

in motion


My video specialty focuses on documentary portraiture and event documentation. I portray people’s lives and profiles in a very authentic manner by carefully staging the shooting location with particular emphasis on lighting, both natural and artificial when necessary.

I have several references in the art and music scene where I shoot art performances, dance performances, music concerts, theater pieces, etc. Depending on the project, my intervention goes from filming to post production (editing, sound, color grading).

Need help


French, Spanish, English and German speakers are welcome to contact me in their language!

Photo studio
in Berlin Moabit

Phone +49 (0)176 45975145

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